Mary, Charlie and Horses

Welcome to Whistler in the Dark’s process blog for the New England premiere of Mary’s Wedding, by Stephen Massicotte. After two weeks of auditions during which we met some wonderful actors we have completed casting for the piece!

Jen O’Connor, a Company Member with Whistler who has recently been seen in Vampire, All This Flying All This Tumbling Down and The Flu Season, as well as a variety of shows with imaginary beasts will be playing the dual role of Mary/Flowers. Joining us for the first time in the role of Charlie is Samson Konhanski, a recent graduate of Brandeis University who recently appeared in the critically acclaimed SpeakEasy Stage Company‘s production of The History Boys.

In a short while we’ll have more information up here and at our website about the design and production team.

Yesterday we visited the wonderful folks and horses at Dry Water Farm in Stoughton, MA where we were scheduled to do our photo shoot for our poster image. Only about 20 minutes south of Boston, the farm feels like you are stepping into another world – rolling fields, clear blue skies dotted with wheeling birds, and horses. Our contact, Gail, introduced us to a number of the horses and showed us a little about their care and handling. Here are some of the pictures I took during our day there.

Samson listens to Gail explain about the care of horses.

Gail introduced us to a number of horses, but I was pretty much in love with Bramble, the second one we met. He’s a teaching horse – used with students and those new to riding, and he’s a gentle soul. But his sweet nature aside, he’s just gorgeous too! 11 years old, he’s a cross between a paint and a draft horse.

I had this brilliant idea of what our shot would look like (long shot, dusk, Charlie and Horse stand alone in field looking at each other) but then I forgot the most important part… the horse! Turns out when you bring a horse into a field, he’s not so interested in gazing at the actor holding him. He’d rather graze.

So we adapted. (And by adapted, I mean we let Bramble pretty much do whatever he wanted and we moved around him.)

I sometimes forget just how big horses are. But then, if need a reminder, just put Jen next to a horse and you get instant perspective….

Bramble decided he was ready to wander, and all of sudden we found our shot. A gentle relaxed pose against a sunset sky – Bram happily grazing and Samson studying the falling night.

Then we just needed a shot of Mary looking to the sky as well, and we were ready to go home.

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