This is who I am

We were all asked by Meg to write something about ourselves. I’m not very versed in such things and will try my best to shed some light on…my self. Meg, in her infinite wisdom, gave us a jumping point with a number of questions. So here it goes.

First, my name is Samson Kohanski and I was born and raised in Englewood, New Jersey. I had lived there all my life, going to high school in New York City, just a short distance from my house (and by short I mean a fifteen minute drive). It was there, in high school, that I committed to doing theater but only because it was a way to sing in the choir as well. In my stay there, I did a total of 9 shows and directed one my senior year. I guess you can say I liked it. It wasn’t really until college that I found theater to be my one true love. A lost lover so to speak because I didn’t do any performance until 3/4 of the way through my experience. I struggled between wanting to play music for the rest of my life and live in a box on the side of the road or be an actor and live in a box on the side of the road. But joking aside I have been lucky in my search for roles and shows and have been privileged to have two parents who love and support me. I guess this is where I find my inspiration (I am now answering one of Megs’ questions). In one way or another my parent’s have a great impact on my life. Throughout it all my father has encouraged me to pursue my passion and has stood behind me through thick and thing. My mother was the same way. Whether I chose to recognize it or not, she gave me the strength and drive I needed to fuel the art I wanted to create. Of course, like and mother son relationship we argued about life and my choice of career but we had a moment where we both realized we were arguing the same point. We just wanted to be happy. Since then, my mother has been a guiding force in my craft and is still supporting my every move. So it is in this that I would like to greatly thank and appreciate both of them because without their wisdom, guidance, hotheadedness, and bold decisions I would not be where I am right now. I would like to thank the academy…sorry, I couldn’t resist.
I am tremendously excited and am greatly humbled to be able to work with Whistler and Jen and Meg. I have experienced nothing but kindness, intelligence and insight from these wonderful people. This is going be a terrifying experience but one from which I will learn.
Also, if I have made any grammatical errors or have changed tenses forgive me. My father still yells at me about it.
“Whereof what’s past is prologue; what to come,
In yours and my discharge” – Antonio, The Tempest II: i
Thank you for listening.
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