In the space!

I was being paparazzi today during load-in. So I thought I might share some of these.

Our load-in today was blessedly easy. Part of this was due to the joy of being at the BCA and to Darren Evans’ calm approach to welcoming us into the venue (if you can, check out Darren’s production of The American Dream and One for the Road currently running at the Charlestown Working Theater) and part of it was just how prepared we were moving into the space.

There is something really special about tech week – for me it is kind of like Christmas morning and my birthday all rolled into one wonderful week. Not enough sleep, too much giddy excitement, and the indulgence of being able to spend as much time as I want working on a show I love.

We spent the day hanging and focusing lights (here are Melissa and Erik working hard to run cable to all the lights) and putting together Mary and Charlie’s barn.

Our set is beautiful. Wood and hay – it evens smells faintly of barn. We have two gorgeous wine barrels on loan from the good folks at Red Oak Winery in Middleton, MA which have really added to the combined ship/barn feel.

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