First Day in the Space!

I began this blog about one in the morning and this is what I saved before my eyes stopped staying open:

I have to start this blog by saying I was at the space this morning from 9-10 before having to leave for work, and when I showed up later that afternoon around 4:00 I was shocked to walk into a space that was already starting to feel like Mary and Charlies’ barn. There had been a ton of work done in the 6 hours I was gone, but everyone was still smiling when I came back! By the end of the night, with most of the set in place, bales of hay and a couple of sacks filled with mulch perfuming the air, and just a hint of what an amazing lighting design Erik has created, it felt like home. I’m excited to explore our world for a couple more days before sharing it with an audience!

Disclaimer: I’m about to get sappy in this blog. This play has been a gift. To have the opportunity to play in a world that is filled with hope and void of cynicism is rare. I like to pretend to be a lot more cynical in my life than I really am, and I tend to come off a bit hard edged. It was the soft and open energy of Mary that first attracted me, both scared and excited me, to take on the role- and I feel like she might be rubbing off on me in my daily outlook of life.

“What the heart has once owned… it shall never lose. ” – H.W. Beecher. (this quote is from a personal book I keep and I was intending to throw it in at the end of something profound, but now I’m just throwing it in, because I feel it is relevant to the story).

And now to this morning!
I don’t think I have much more to say actually. This process has been a continual exploration, and for me, one that is hard to put into words. Although the play itself is starting to settle into its final shape that the audience will experience, like recurring dreams I feel like this production will continue to make little discoveries until closing night.

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