Introducing the Bacchae

And we’re off!

We had our first read-through for The Bacchae last night – a ritual that for all Whistler productions involves a potluck dinner, a fair amount of wine, a reading from Simon Callow’s brilliant treatise Being an Actor and a lot of laughter. And given the amazing and irreverent group of people I’ve compiled for this show, the laughter was in full force… which might seem odd for a group of people about to tackle one of the most devastating and masterful pieces of theatre.

We are producing The Bacchae with only five actors, which is something that I’m sure we’ll be talking about in the blog over the coming weeks. But, if I was going to limit myself to five, these are definitely the ones I would pick. As I said to them last night, we have a lot of work ahead of us, but we have absolutely the right people in the room for it.

Jen O’Connor has been a Company Member with Whistler since our first season, and in one way or another, has been involved with every production of ours since our inception. Most recently she garnered critical acclaim for her portrayal of Mary/Colonel Flowers in our fall production of Stephen Massicotte’s
Mary’s Wedding.

Liz Rimar joins us for the first time, fresh from two productions with Company One. Liz is a recent graduate of Boston University and a welcome addition to Whistler.

Melissa Barker is one of those actors who makes her artistic home working with the smaller and fringe companies in Boston. A frequent player with imaginary beasts, The National Theatre of Allston and The New Exhibition Room, Melissa has been seen on Whistler’s stage during FeverFest 08. Melissa joins us as an actor and Artistic Associate for this show.

Phil Crumrine also makes his Whistler debut with The Bacchae, although he was seen last summer on our stage in Orfeo Group‘s contribution to FeverFest08. Phil is a junior at the Boston Conservatory pursuing a degree in Musical Theatre and has worked with an impressive array of Boston theatres, including Lyric Stage, Wheelock and The Nora, among others. Phil is an Artistic Associate with Whistler.

Keep checking back for more information about the cast, design team and the process.

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