It’s about bloody time…

… that I write a post. Shakespeare’s language has got nothing on the Greeks- as far as my understanding of it goes! No, in all seriousness this has been a great and exciting rehearsal process so far. I walked into the space two plus weeks ago apparently not remembering how to speak and convey words unless I yelled or used what has become known in our world as “the god voice”. But through a deep analysis of the text at rehearsal and on my own I am remembering how to love the English language that we are so casual and sloppy with in our real lives.

On another “way past the moment meant to write about this right after rehearsal” thought but kept procrastinating, working with the mask on the first day we had it in the room was very mind altering. The first time I put it on I felt euphoric, partially from my poor breathing in the moment prior to me putting on the mask, but partly I think because I was taken aback at what it feels like to be in the mask. It has been quite a while since I have done mask work. I forgot those first moments of feeling disjointed from my own body as I explore another one, and unlike a class where you get to play in front of mirrors and take your time I was just jumping in. Not very much more to say about this except I am excited to further play with and meet Dionysos.

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