A good way to spend my lunch break…

I figure I can get away with blogging at work if I do it on my non-breaklike lunch break (meaning I sit at my desk and shove food in my face while still working)…and so…

Hello! I’m Melissa. This is my first show with Whistler in the Dark (well…not entirely true…I did perform in Feverfest ’08, which was produced by Whistler…), I’m pleased as punch to be part of such a fantastic group of artists (Really…not to get all frou frou la la…everyone involved with the show is really wonderful. Truly talented, and supportive and just delightful). This show, and the process of creating it has been really something (more on that in a minute).

What else do you need to know about me? Well…I hail from a tiny town in Connecticut, I moved to Boston almost ::gulp:: 8 years ago to go to school (at Suffolk University), after having enough of school, I stayed in Boston, and I now work with some pretty fantastic small theatre companies (Imaginary Beasts, National Theatre of Allston and now Whistler). I’ve always known that I was going to do theatre (except for a few months when I was 9 and wanted to be an archaeologist…) of one type or another…it’s just something that’s been in me since I was born. That may sound like a cliche…and it is…but that doesn’t make it any less true. What else? Oh! I speak (and obviously type…) in run on sentences…and I’m very fond of ellipsises (ellipsi?)…though I don’t think I use them the way they are meant to be used…

So, on to more interesting things. The Bacchae! How awesome is that? We are doing the freaking Bacchae! Seriously…awesome…

So, several weeks in to rehearsals now…it’s a fascinating process to be a part of. The show is very physically demanding…I won’t lie the first week was downright painful! On top of the physical stuff, it’s emotionally draining (I mean really…it’s greek tragedy…what did I expect?), it’s exhausting to inhabit this world…but exhausting in a way that’s really pleasant most of the time. I expected all of this going into rehearsals…Meg did kindly warn us that we’d be in really good physical shape by the end of the show…she wasn’t kidding! Anywho…somehow I was still surprised by how drained I was at the end of each night…I’m better now (thanks for asking!), after three weeks (four weeks?) I finally find myself capable of inhabiting the world of the show, and my own world…though not concurrently…

I’ve learned a lot about a lot of things these past few weeks, and I expect to learn much more…sadly my lunch break is long over…so you’ll just have to wait to hear about that!

Gotta love a cliffhanger.

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