Tech week somehow got away from us with no updates to the blog, but we’re open, so I’m back.

Opening night was a little hectic – due mainly to the fact that Jerry Springer: The Opera was opening the same night and a slew of members of America Needs Fatima showed up to protest. Not the most effective protest I’ve ever seen – in fact I think they did more to boost tickets sales for the show than anything else, but still…. it is odd to show up for work with a slew of bored-looking nuns and children holding up signs praying for you.

But, on to our opening.

So far we’ve had a lovely first few shows, with very interesting audience response. The difference in having the audience in the room has been palpable: it always is, but Greek theatre is so much about public speech to the polis and engaging the audience in the arguments at hand that the effect seems magnified this time. I’m interested to watch this develop over the course of the run – to see how the actors develop and grow their connection to the audience as well as to each other.

I’ve also been very interested by the post-show conversations we’ve been having with our audiences – what they’ve latched onto and what they feel the play is saying. Please feel free to stay for the conversation after the show when you come to share your thoughts with us.

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