Opening weekend under the belt

I owe a blog- I’m not going to mention how long I’ve owed this blog.

So opening weekend went off I’d say wonderfully. Sometimes I go into opening night worrying about 100 things, sometimes I feel completely confident and worry about why I’m not worrying. The Bacchae marks my first opening of just going into an opening night. I was too busy wondering if I was getting it to be woryring.

I am working with Meg who is a director I have always and will always trust, and four other actors whose work I have either admired for some time now, or just had the pleasure of getting to admire during our five weeks of rehearsal. A beautiful part of being a member of the chorus for this piece was getting to watch rehearsals- actively, and as a Bacchant (not how I watch most rehearsals I sit in on), -but still constantly watching and getting to see how each actor and character has grown throughout the process. It has been so exciting to see that I wanted to be able to sit outside myself and watch myself to see if I was doing the same, because there was so much exploration for me personally in this piece that I never noticed if I was growing or just finding many paths to explore without connecting them. I was warming up on opening night going over some new things Meg and I found in a one-on-one rehearsal the day before and thinking, “okay, things are starting to click for me now internally as weel as externally, and I think I am getting it and evolving into what our goal is” but I still wasn’t completely sure when the lights went down and we started if my journey was clear to me.

One preview and four shows later I am now confident enough to say that this piece really has clicked in me. I found myself and my fellow actors finding new things each performance and building a tighter show. I’ve also been learning a lot from our audiences at our talkbacks. I can’t wait to see what The Bacchae has evolved into by closing night. I believe this is a production I could revisit in rep for years and benefit from the learning experience every time.

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