Blood & Water: Season Five at Whistler

Welcome to Whistler’s fifth season: Blood&Water – Ties of Biology and Circumstance.

It seems almost inconceivable that we are in our fifth season now – five years have never gone by so quickly! But we’ve learned and grown through the past four seasons, and I think that season five will be the most exciting yet.

With Blood&Water, we at Whistler are exploring definitions of family – what does family mean to you? Who are the people in your family? Are they bound to you by ties of love? By ties of blood? By random chance? Does your family provide you with comfort? Support? Frustration? All of the above? This season, explore these questions in three wildly different plays that challenge us to rethink our assumptions about the people closest to us and the way they shape our lives.

In Daniel MacIvor’s In On It, two men attempt to define their relationship by examining it through the lens of a fictional family; Naomi Wallace’s One Flea Spare quarantines four people who should never have met each other into a single room for a month of survival in a time of plague and Biljana Srbljanovic’s Family Stories peeks through the keyhole at four children playing house in the ruins of a bombed-out Bosnian tenement block.

We start our season on October 21st, with our participation in 21 for 21, an international festival celebrating the work of Howard Barker. Whistler audiences were first introduced to Barker’s work with our inaugural production of The Possibilities, and have had the chance to further explore his world with our productions of Don’t Exaggerate (FeverFest 06) and A Hard Heart (Season 3). It is a true pleasure for us to have the opportunity to present a staged reading of one of this controversial playwright’s most darkly beautiful plays: The Europeans.

Out of the chaos of war comes the birth of a new kind of order.

In the aftermath of the 17th-century siege of Vienna, the survivors begin to build their society anew. The Emperor and Empress would like order restored, and the poor just want to survive, but Starhemberg, the general responsible for the salvation of the city, seeks to forge a new world out of the ashes of the old. A harrowing love story, and an exploration of our personal freedoms and choices inside the maddening political structures that control our lives.

We also have the joy of working with some of the most talented actors in Boston. Returning to Whistler are Alex Simoes and Chuong Pham (both last seen in season 2’s In Perpetuity Throughout the Universe), Lorna Nogueira, Melissa Barker, Jen O’Connor and Curt Klump. We also welcome five new actors to our midst: Christopher Webb, Hannah Husband, Zillah Glory, Scott Sweatt (who will also be seen in November’s In On It), and imaginary beasts Artistic Director and dear friend Matthew Woods.

Please join us on October 21st for this incredibly special event. Ticket reservations came be made here.

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