Spotlight on Scott Sweatt

Having interviewed Joe before we got into the rehearsal room, I have now had the chance, inside rehearsals, to interview Scott. Part of the interview appears in our November newsletter, but this is the full thing unedited (mostly). If you’re not on our e-mail list you can join us here.

1. What do you find the most gratifying about your job as an actor?

Maybe it has to do something with the bringing together of community. Bringing people together to hear a story and experience something. The chance to give back that reflection of what we are doing every day. It feels like a moment where people stop to take stock of our existence.

b. And the most challenging?

Actually finding what the minutia of what that (the experience, the story) is. To actually be able to honestly represent that. To find out what makes us tick, what are the little things that set us off, make us fall in love and what are those gestures or those forms that other people can recognize as what is happening. We don’t always get to say “I’ve fallen in love with you!”

2. How would you describe your ideal theatre experience as an audience member?

Something where I’m reminded of my aliveness. Something that I’m reminded of the unexpected nature of life that I can’t get ahead of. When I find myself breathing in the same pace as the people on the stage and I know that they are reaching beyond me because the rhythms of their vibes are effecting how I am experiencing everything on the other side of it.

3. What about In on It most excites you as you are about to enter into the rehearsal process?

I’m a daydreamer so the floating between narratives is something that instantly appealed to me when I read In on It, and now that we’re hear doing it, it feels like that. It feels like some of the conversations I have dreamed of having with certain people. It’s the way that we are always with someone even when we are alone but there are these voices and people inside of us that, though we may not have these crazy talking out loud moments, we are always talking to people. I like that. I like the idea that there is not so much a linear narrative, even inside of something that feels like it is going straightforward or right on track, there are all these little things going on inside of us all the time. I think this show really explodes what those little things are.

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