"Best of…"?

It’s that time again – the time when critics wrap up the year by creating their own personal “Best of…” lists…

I don’t envy them the job this year – it was a remarkable year in Boston, with some truly outstanding shows playing all over town: Bridget O’Leary’s nuanced production of Fool for Love at the New Rep; Marianna Bassham and Bates Wilder’s heartwrenching performances in Blackbird at Speakeasy; the wild mayhem of Jeremy Johnson’s production of Speech and Debate at the Lyric; Company One’s wicked The Pain and The Itch masterfully directed by M. Bevin O’Gara; and of course the lyrical and whimsical production of The Sparrow out at Stoneham Theatre.

And that’s just a few of the highlights that I managed to see – and I know that I only make it to about 1 in 3 of the shows that I really really want to see. What shows did I miss this year that you would put on this list?

So I don’t envy critic the task of sifting through their memories, trying to remember what moved them the most, what struck a chord, what made them sit up and think. And I’m deeply honored that at least a few of these lists include our own work:

Thomas Garvey, of the Hub Review, lists In On It in his end of the year wrap up – in a interesting twist, he didn’t particularly like the play, but felt the production was strong:

Daniel MacIvor’s play was one of those tricky meta-narratives that in the end conceals a rather straightfoward, sentimental statement (…) director Meg Taintor and her two actors, Joe Lanza and Scott Sweatt, kept the question of its possible complexity tantalizingly afloat till nearly the finish.

At the Boston Globe, Louise Kennedy named The Bacchae as one of her Critic’s Picks for the year.

And most recently, Jules Becker of the South End News, honored In On It:

Joe Lanza and Scott Sweatt nail the nuances and diverse characters in young Whistler in the Dark Theatre’s impressive area premiere of Daniel MacIvor’s clever play.

I am so pleased that our productions struck chords this year – we at Whistler were so proud of our season, and so thrilled to be working in such a vital community among such inspiring work.

We begin rehearsals for One Flea Spare this week – and we are working with actors of the highest caliber (we’ll be introducing them here in the next few weeks) on a play that has everything our audiences have come to expect – deeply vivid images, gorgeous language, and gut-wrenching intimacy. Here’s to a wonderful 2010.

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