Spotlight on Curt Klump

Curt was introduced to Whistler audiences through his compelling work in last season’s The Bacchae. A regular on Boston’s stages, Curt has worked with a variety of theatres, ranging from New Rep to the Huntington to Zeitgeist. He is currently performing in the Actors’ Shakespeare Project’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, performing at the Midway Studios through January 24th.

What drew you to acting?
My mother told me for years, when I’d lie to her, that I should act. When I was 19 I was mocking my friends in a Taco Bell parking lot and I thought “This is fun – I should act”. I got most of my training from just doing shows.

What do you find most compelling about One Flea Spare?
I was an intern for a staged reading of OFS 10 years ago…and I’ve wanted to do this show ever since then. It’s just so tense and heart wrenching and funny. It’s just a great play.

How would you describe your ideal theatre experience as an audience member?
One where I’m not sitting there wondering how much longer I’ll be sitting there. One where I’m captivated enough that I’m not aware that I’m sitting in a chair waiting for the story to unfold. I’m involved in the story enough to be there for the unfolding.

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