Spotlight on Jen O’Connor

Jen has been familiar to Whistler audiences since our inaugural production of The Possibilities. Over the past five seasons she has appeared in seven performances and is currently a Company Member.

What drew you to acting?
This answer has changed for me over the years. I did my first play in 5th grade and stepped off the stage on opening night to announce to my parents that I was going to be an actor when I grew up. Back then I loved playing make believe and stepping into worlds that were not mine and making them my own. The enjoyment of finding the world of the play hasn’t changed for me, but now I am interested in the truths in those worlds and bringing them to life for an audience.

What do you find most compelling about One Flea Spare“?
I love the poetry of the Wallace’s language. She paints vivid pictures that as an actor I relish when I’m handed a script like One Flea Spare.

How would you describe your ideal theatre experience as an audience member?
When I forget I’m in a theatre watching a play and at the end I feel like I’ve just been allowed to witness an intimate piece of someone’s life I leave satisfied. I want theatre to make me think about it days after the experience of seeing it.

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