Spotlight on Lorna Nogueira

In our continuing series of interviews with the actors for One Flea Spare, Melissa Barker sat down with Lorna Nogueira. Lorna is well-known and well-loved by Whistler audiences, having first joined us for our inaugural production of Howard Barker’s The Possibilities, and returning for In Perpetuity…, Vampire, All This Flying and The Europeans.

What drew you to acting?
Well, when I was in my 30’s I went back to school and I was supposed to be a geology major, but I took an acting class on a whim to overcome my shyness and it was bye-bye plagioclase and hello theatre!

What do you find most compelling about One Flea Spare? (Without giving anything away, of course…)

That it’s a surprise. That you have these characters in quarantine with rooms stripped bare and you wonder what can possibly happen in such a restricted space, and then everything happens.

What’s been the biggest challenge with Mrs. Snelgrave?

She’s so reserved on the surface, so trying to bring to life someone who believes she’s only half alive. Or at least that’s what I thought would be the most challenging but…

How would you describe your ideal theatre experience as an audience member?
It’s to forget that I’m at the theatre. When you become so involved that you forget that you’re in a seat at a theatre.
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