A burgeoning community…

…those were the words in an e-mail I received from one of the writers and a good friend of mine whose work was heard in our second Whistler Wednesdays reading of 10 minute plays last night.

In the five years Whistler has been a theatre we have had countless discussions about strengthening our community, both in bringing together artists who we want to work with and support the work of, and developing an audience base that we love seeing in the theatre on a regular basis and look forward to sharing our work with time and again.

I’ve been starting to feel that we are latching on to something this year that is taking us in a growing direction of community. I believe it is in part to every aspect of our growth as a company this year. We celebrated the beginning of our fifth season with the international Barker festival 21 for 21, we’ve added a third main stage production to our season and Whistler Wednesdays has been opening the doors for us to connect with artists we have wanted to work with, and introduced us to artists we want to forge relationships with.

Most exciting to me are the familiar faces of support in the audience I have been seeing at each of our events and the multiple new faces who approach me at the end of an evening to say they are looking forward to the next event. So this blog is a thank you to everyone, wonderful friends and future friends who have come out not only to support Whistler, but the Boston arts scene.

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