Some reviews for Flea…

Well, we’re open! And so far we’ve got some great responses from the press who’ve been in. But, don’t let the critics have all the fun – have you seen One Flea Spare yet? What did you think? Leave your reviews in the comments section….

“For two and a half hours, The Factory’s small, intimate space is charged with palpable, electrical tension, piercing performances, and improbable comic flourishes; the audience is transported…. One Flea Spare is as hot and urgent as any fever, a riveting theatrical triumph.” ~Killian Meloy, EDGEBoston

Lucky for us the members of fringe troupe Whistler in the Dark aren’t trifling types… Meg Taintor’s production uses the tight confines of the South End’s Factory Theatre to maximum dramatic effect…. One Flea Spare ropes you in with its premise, then doesn’t let you look away when it gets almost too hard to watch. Wallace gives us a self-conscious study in perversity and survival, and Whistler in the Dark makes it all feel true.” ~Jenna Scherer, The Boston Herald

“Under Meg Taintor’s direction, One Flea Spare opens and closes doors to the human heart as the characters confront disease, death and — almost as heartbreakingly — survival. … the entire play (an) infection that is painfully cleaned out with truths and revelations throughout its duration.” ~Michelle Beeler, The Tufts Daily

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