Whistler Wednesdays

This is a little late in coming, but we are about to dive into tech for Family Stories so I think it is forgivable.

This past Wednesday, May 5th we finished up our final reading in our Whistler Wednesdays series with Ron Pullin’s Dollartorium. First, thank you to everyone who came out and supported us starting what seems like forever ago in December!

Dollartorium was a great way to end the series this season. It was inspired by Aristophanes The Clouds so right away so Meg was sold immediately! Most exciting to me was Ron’s use of Whistler Wednesdays for the development of a script that came to us seemingly quite polished on a first read. When Meg, Melissa and I fist started talking about a reading series just over a year ago we talked about creating a collaborative forum between playwright, director and actors. In the seven months between being accepted in the series to the date of the reading Ron sent Dollartorium through a few rewrites up until the evening of May 5 when several new pages were added. Weeks before the reading the director Roxie Myhrum was sending the actors links to research material.

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