More on silks!

Over the past week since Meg wrote about our season and posted some pictures of us on the silks I’ve been running into a lot of fellow artists around town who have been asking about the aerial silks class and what they are like. My first response is always, “I love it!” I then follow it up with obvious statements along the lines of, “They are really physically challenging” or “They are like nothing I’ve done before.”

I was thinking about that last comment last night, and yes, a part of it is true. I have never climbed up waves of fabric (my father challenged that statement and told me that I must have climbed ropes in gym at school, but I apparently went to a school that didn’t believe in making gym fun). I’ve never wrapped myself up in layers of fabric and hung upside down and created foot locks that allow me to take my hands off and feel like I’m Peter Pan. But then I started thinking. I have pushed my body to its extremes and challenged it to do things I wasn’t sure I was capable of until I was there doing them. Silks are another set of skills that are making me aware that I have even more muscles in my body at my command that I’ve neglected for years. I keep thinking I’ve discovered the last of them but I’m always proved wrong. As an actor I love discovering new ways to move and express myself, and once I start getting a little more graceful and a little less elephant in a vase shop looking on the silks they are going to become another wonderful physical sill set to have at my grasp.

Before ending this blog I am going to share my three major goals I have set up for myself to reach between now and October. I’ll let you know how I make progress on them:

1. I will overcome my fear of heights and climb to the top of the ceilings (I’m having trouble remembering if they are 18 or 22 feet). I’m at about 12 to 14 feet now.

2. I will find 3 tricks to master to a point that I can make them look effortless or at least graceful.

3. I will start trying at least one thing per class up off the ground by more than a foot or two (let’s say 4-6 feet minimum).

If you’re not already a friend of ours on facebook come friend us. While we have a few pictures on our blog we have more there, and hopefully many more to come!

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