And it’s starting!

Tomorrow we head into the rehearsal space for Tales From Ovid. If you’ve been following us online you know Meg and I started our research back in July by taking on aerial silk lessons. Thanks to all who donated to our fundraiser and made it possible to keep working!

Usually when actors walk into a rehearsal room they know what characters they will be playing and what lines they need to learn. At our traditional potluck read through, Meg told the ensemble to play- and play we did! Sometimes one actor would speak, sometimes all five of us would and occasionally the room would be filled with echoes and repetition of lines that caught someone’s attention. At the end of the night we left knowing what characters we’d be playing within each myth, but the narrative voices were left at ‘these will be shared by the ensemble, to play with in the rehearsal room.’

While some lines have been able to be put to memorization between our two weeks off since the potluck and tomorrow’s first rehearsal in the space, the majority of the past two weeks has been filled with research. If you’re interested in learning more about the Greek myths I suggest starting at good old wikipedia, seeing what interests you and then going on a total internet and/or library geek-Greek-out to find out more about them. Some of my favorites are Echo and Narcissus, MyrrhaArachne and Tereus and Philomela. I love reading about the different versions, their similarities and sometimes polar differences.

And before I sign off, an update on my silks goals:

Fear of heights? What heights? Okay, sometimes they are a little scary at the start of class, but 20 minutes in I’m flying high!

Tricks. I wouldn’t say I’ve mastered 3 yet. I’m at about 1.5.

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