Opening Weekend

Thank you to everyone who came to opening weekend and made it Whistler’s most successful one to date!

This has been a very unique opening weekend on the performance end of things. As a general rule in a Whistler production, we usually head into tech knowing two things: One, if PJ Strachman is our lighting designer  then the actual tech part of the process is going to be a breeze. And two, as a company we are going into tech comfortable and ready to bring the world we created in the rehearsal room into its actual setting and do some fine tuning in the space. And as always we are psyched to be so close to sharing our explorations with our audiences.

With Tales from Ovid we have PJ back and once again she has not failed to amaze! However, for the first time in a process we entered the space still having to piece together an unfinished world. For 5 weeks we had 5 days a week in a rehearsal room where we had to imagine the silks and two days a week in the silks studio where we were focusing on putting to practice what we had only imagined the days before in the rehearsal room. Our work throughs and runs in the rehearsal space always had a vital element missing.

A week ago from Sunday when we got to move to The Factory up until our preview on Wednesday and then our opening on Thursday 4th we were bringing these two pieces of our world together, working to weave them seamlessly. At the beginning of the week I was personally feeling like I could have used another day or two in the space before sharing the work. I have never found a tech week so exhausting and fulfilling at the same time.

My personal experience of our preview felt like a first date where I was very aware of my every movement, feeling things out and starting to get a sense of what this relationship could be. Opening night I was a lot more relaxed, but still always a little ahead of myself in my head, giving myself reminders and short prep talks. Having an audience there those first two nights and then having the fortune of many of them staying after the performance to talk about what they had just experienced was so invaluable. And then on Friday the world suddenly became solid and real to me and once again a safe and fun place to trust myself and the work that we have been doing as an ensemble for the last 5 weeks. Discoveries started happening in the moment again and I became so excited for the places that Ovid is going to go over the next two weeks.

So if you saw Ovid this past weekend, I am so thrilled that you got to share in the beginnings of what only an audience can help add to the blossoming of a production, and if you are coming to see it in the next two weeks I can’t wait to share what opening weekend has taught us and discover new things with you.


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