Whistler Wednesdays are back…

… and we just can’t get enough of those Greek tales!

Whistler Wednesdays are returning on December 15th with a new translation of Trojan Women by Francis Blessington. If you saw our production of The Bacchae two seasons ago then you are already familiar with Franks evocative and poetic capacity for storytelling.

Since the Greek classics speak directly to Whistler’s aesthetic they are constantly coming up as a topic of discussion when we are looking at putting together our season. Last year as we sat around thinking about what Greek plays we have in our future, Trojan Women came up at the top of the list. We read a few translations, and as is common when reading translations, while the basic story is one that interests us we weren’t finding a particular telling of it that seemed vibrant and playable. Meg contacted Frank to see if he had a translation and although he didn’t, he agreed to write one!

What better way to start a new year of Whistler Wednesdays than with a piece that our audience will be seeing in our 7th season? This years Whistler Wednesdays are scaling back in size, but expanding in detail and we are treating each process slightly different based on the needs of the piece. With Trojan Women the process will start with a few rehearsals before our reading on the 15th which like last year will be followed by a talk back with the audience, playwright, director and actors.  In the rehearsal room hearing the text read aloud and brought to life, and then bringing it in front of an audience and hearing their response to the piece, will play an important role in the growth of the final realization of a full production next year.

On the production side I’m thrilled that we are bringing back Roxanna Myhrum who directed our Whistler Wednesday’s reading of Ron Pullins Dollartorium last season (Ron will be the playwright of our final Whistler Wednesdays reading this June). She has a background in puppetry and opera and I have no doubt will bring some interesting things to the table. Her background in music especially will offer important insight into the world of the Greek chorus.

The cast is filled with familiar and new faces and many actors you’ll be seeing during our next two main stage productions: Emily Marvosh, Lorna Nogueira, Aimee Rose Ranger, Dakota Shepard, Scott Sweatt, Meg Taintor and Mac Young.

I hope you can join us and share your thoughts with us. Tickets are FREE but limited, so reserve yours today!

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