Turning the calendar page

When I logged into WordPress today, I noticed that site is trying to encourage greater volume of blog writing by running a post-a-day challenge. Now, one-a-day seems a little overly-optimistic for us here at Whistler, (or, as you might know us, the Least Frequent Bloggers in the World), but one-a-week doesn’t seem out of line. Because we have so much going on this season that we certainly want to be able to share with you on a more frequent basis.

So, without making this a huge end-of-the-year-RESOLUTION-thing, I’ll aim for at least one entry a week to keep you posted with everything that we’re up to here at Whistler.

And it shouldn’t be too hard to start off: in just three days we dive into rehearsals for The Europeans, Howard Barker’s brutal examination of a civilization rebuilding itself after a cataclysmic war. We’re reuniting with some of our favorite collaborators for this project, and bringing a whole host of new artists into our world as well.

But, I am interested in what you want to hear more about. In the past, we’ve used this blog as a process journal, a research archive, a meet-the-artist tool, a photo gallery…which posts interested you the most? Are you interested in hearing from the actors in the project? The designers?

Talk to us, and let us know!

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2 Responses to Turning the calendar page

  1. TheOneWhoSpawnedYou says:

    Hope you don’t regret I found this blog 🙂 Meg keeps getting more impressive with her artwork. I have to say, Barker challenges this old scientist….you know I’d never have the inclination to get off my *^%&$# and experience it (you know, like Shakesphere) if it weren’t for my genetic connection…but I have to say….Barker or not, I’m looking forward to seeing this cast. I recognize some of my favorites and some new faces that look like this might be AMAZING.

  2. TheMuffinMan says:

    Don’t sweat blog deadlines for me! I’d rather you put all of your creative energy into the actual play. Generally speaking I’ve found the process blog to be good mix of background information. As a non-arts major (read engineering geek) I appreciate knowing about the behind-the-scenes activities. The background for Family Stories was especially helpful in providing context. Keep it all coming in whatever dosage and frequency works
    for the Whistler Company. Looking forward to Feb 10th. –John Morrison

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