Meet the Europeans

unknowing the known
Whistler in the Dark Theatre produces highly theatrical and physically inventive plays that question and challenge our assumptions about the world in which we live and the rules we live by.

Whistler strives to develop an ensemble of theatrical artists and audiences dedicated to exploring plays that celebrate the imagination through linguistic acrobatics and a stripping away of extraneous trappings. We hope to provoke the senses by focusing on the primacy of the actor in space.

From our inception, we at Whistler have built into our mission the idea of an “ensemble of artists and audiences” working together to explore difficult theatrical texts. And over the past six years, I’ve been able to watch that ensemble grow and develop – not just the artists who return time and time again to collaborate with us, but with you – the audiences who return to our work, read this blog, and speak so passionately with us after our performances.

The Europeans features 11 actors and a full design team – in other words, it is the biggest project we have ever undertaken. Some of the artists have worked with us before (some many many times) but some are new to us. And consequently to you.

So over the next few weeks, we’ll be posting a series of blogs to introduce (or re-introduce) these artists to you. Enjoy!

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