Starting Week Four

Just writing week four in this blog title I had to go back and look at my schedule to check, “week four, is that right?”

This week we get to say hello to Act Two and on Tuesday we are all coming together to run Act One for the first time. I always find running things for the first time to be both terrifying and satisfying. Everyone has put their scripts down and there is a new level of vulnerability that is felt without that shield of paper in the hand. I personally wonder at what I am going to make a complete mess of during the run and what discoveries I will find. I always find first runs to be one of the most informative rehearsals of any process and I go away with many new things to think about and explore.

The run on Tuesday is going to be especially exciting because for the first time in maybe any Whistler show I’ve done there are cast members I haven’t seen since our first read through three weeks ago. I can’t wait to have everyone’s energies in the room and meet a slew of characters for the first time and start to see the world we’ve been creating as a whole. It will be a taste of what week five will be like when everyone is together and we are working through the entire play together. It’s nice to be getting to a point where the entire ensemble is about to come together.

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