Meet the Europeans – Aimee Rose Ranger

Aimee Rose joined Whistler as an Artistic Associate for our sixth season. She was most recently seen in Tales from Ovid.

Who are you? Where are you from?

I am Aimee Rose Ranger, and I am from a tiny town in Maine.

What was the experience that led you to pursue theatre?

When I was very young I saw a production of Peter Pan. And who doesn’t want to fly? Ever since I have dreamed of being Peter Pan. That experienced revealed to me that magic exists in those places called theatres. And who doesn’t want magic?

Have you worked with Whistler before?

I was in Whistlers most recent show, Tales from Ovid. Being on the aerial silks was like flying!

How did you get involved with The Europeans?

I was in Tales from Ovid at the time, and was asked to come to the auditions for The Europeans.

What, to you, is the most exciting aspect of The Europeans?

I was initially excited about Howard Barker, but was as equally skeptical. The text is strange, very strange, and watching my fellow actors bring it to life is astounding me and thrilling me. Every rehearsal I am surprised by something.

What makes working on a Barker play different from other experiences?

This play is so different from Tales from Ovid. It is an ensemble experience, but in an entirely different way. I felt intimidated at first with Ovid, because even by week three of the rehearsals I wasn’t physically able to climb up a rope. I feel intimidated by The Europeans because there are still portions of text that I don’t understand. Which is why I like working with Whistler. This company is willing to take on a challenge.

What’s your favorite rehearsal overheard so far?

What to say!? The Emperor’s sweet heeled shoes, Curt’s undaunted commitment to his character, realizing moments of the play are entirely relevant to current culture….(There is a scene in which heightened characters argue about art….we’ve all been there!)

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