Meet the Europeans – Marie Polizzano

Marie appeared in last winter’s Whistler Wednesday short play festival.

Who are you? Where are you from?

I am Marie Polizzano. I play Susannah in The Europeans.  I grew up in CT, but I went to school here in Boston for 4 years and have been out of school for almost 4 years. Boston now feels like home.

What was the experience that led you to pursue theatre?

I think there were a lot of things that led me to pursuing theatre. I grew up surrounded by music. My father is a musician and I was always dancing and singing along with him. I started taking dance lessons at age 3 and absolutely loved it. I loved being onstage and whenever my father would have the video camera at birthday parties or holidays, I couldn’t wait to get in front of it. My sister and I loved writing and performing our very own plays at home all the time. I always loved to “play pretend.” I took a kids drama class in second grade. Soon I started performing in my town’s musicals for kids. I took voice lessons, sang in chorus. I saw my first Broadway musical in 6th grade, I think. Cats. Seeing the Broadway stage and the theatre was magical for me. When high school came around, I was a director for my grade’s one-acts troop, and acted in almost every play and musical. When applying for colleges, the one thing I wanted to do more than anything else was act. I decided to audition for theatre programs, and ended up being accepted into the College of Fine Arts at Boston University, where I went to earn my BFA in Acting.

Have you worked with Whistler before?

I have never been in a Whistler production, but I have been a part of the Whistler Wednesdays staged readings. I also took an aerial silks class with Meg and Jen when they were exploring the possibility of using them in their production of Tales from Ovid.

How did you get involved with The Europeans?

Meg and I had met awhile ago through mutual friends in the Boston theatre community. We knew we wanted to work together, and Meg asked me to read for Susannah in the auditions for The Europeans. Then I got cast and did a happy dance!

What makes working on a Barker play different from other experiences?

Working on a Barker play feels different from anything I’ve done. The script, for me, has been a bit of a puzzle. Barker writes in a way that requires me to do a lot of deciphering what is meant. There is something slightly ambiguous about it.  My character, Susannah, is not coming as easily to me as other characters usually do.  I’m still figuring out who she is, what her physicality is like.  But every now and then I piece something together, and it is fabulous.  Something I love about the text is that the words are exceptionally visceral and poetic. Barker gives the actor so many wonderful images to work with.

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