Meet the Europeans – Molly Haas Hooven

Molly rejoins Whistler after working in various capacities for our last two productions: as Dramaturg for last season’s Family Stories and Assistant Director for Tales from Ovid.

Who are you? Where are you from?

I’m Molly, Whistler’s resident dramaturg. I grew up in  Northampton, MA, came out East for college and stuck around to play.

What was the experience that led you to pursue theatre?

Well, the dress up games I played with my friends at day care never went away, and the imaginary worlds continued to entice me as I grew up. Acting was my first experience in theater but lately I’ve been more focused on writing and dramaturgy.

Have you worked with Whistler before?

Yes! I worked as a dramaturg for Family Stories last spring and as an assistant director for Tales from Ovid last fall.

How did you get involved with The Europeans?

We were sitting at the Parish Cafe after a performance of Ovid and I asked Meg when I could work for her next. Thanks Meg!

What, to you, is the most exciting aspect of The Europeans?

I love how the scenes shift like tectonic plates after an earthquake, how the characters struggle to understand life after chaos when really chaos is always present.

What makes working on a Barker play different from other experiences?

The rawness of characters’ speech. The disjointed flow. It’s a dirty, grimy play, like something unearthed from rubble.

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