Check out what else the Whistlers are up to!

In the past year, the Whistlers have grown – in our sixth season, we’ve added 6 new Artistic Associates whose work with us is building and nourishing the ensemble approach we want to take with all of our work. And our expanding company means that we are frequently working on multiple projects simultaneously.

So, in addition to Aunt Dan and Lemon, here are some other projects that the Whistlers are taking on this month.

Danny Bryck is currently appearing in Breaking the Code, by Hugh Whitemore, at the Central Square Theatre. Presented as part of MIT’s 150th Anniversary and the 2011 Cambridge Science Festival, this play explores and mines the life of Alan Turing.

Nate Gundy is taking part in the other half of our Stories, Fables and Lies festival, appearing in Mill 6’s The Monster Tales. Since you know you are planning on coming to Dan&Lemon, why not buy a Rep Pass now and see both shows for only $30? Come on… you know you want to. And you know that you’ll love getting to be in Mill 6’s elegant and whimsical world!

Aimee Rose Ranger, in addition to her continuing work with SOOP – a monthly story-telling and potluck that she hosts – is working with Ben Evett and Honest Ghost Productions on Blood Rose Rising, a new kind of episodic theatre coming to Harvard Square next month. Performances are free but you need to reserve a seat – do that!

Mac Young is performing with our dear friends, the Imaginary Beasts, in The Crazy Locomotive at the BCA Black Box through April 16th. We always love whatever the beasties choose to do, but this one is a particular delight as it follows a a gaggle of freaky ne’er-do-wells who steal a train and chug off in search of existential enlightenment—and possibly parallel dimensions…. Go. You’ll thank me. I promise. And tell Matthew we sent you – you’ll be seeing him a lot more next fall when we join with the beasties for a month-long collaboration!

In addition to these projects, there are dozens of other exciting performances happening in and around Boston this month – check out the Small Theatre Alliance of Boston calendar for a listing of some of our fellow small and fringe company offerings!

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