An Invitation to debate morality and politics

I have been failing at writing a blog entry on Aunt Dan and Lemon for hours now. I’ve tried writing on morality. I’ve tried writing on politics. I’ve tried writing about hypocrisy and how I myself am a hypocrite and to some degree am perfectly okay with being one. I’ve tried writing about my experiences of reading books about Hitler and the Nazis death camps recently and not only coming to an understanding about what Lemon has to say about them but even being able to agree with what she is saying- and then grappling with my discomfort at being able to go there.  I have probably written and deleted over 5,000 words this evening.

So I am going to stop trying to write about anything that has to do with my process on this amazingly challenging and thrilling production and instead make this an invitation. If you come out to see our production of Aunt Dan and Lemon I am inviting you to stay in the theatre after the lights come up and have a conversation about what you just experienced. Now for those of you who are regular Whistler supporters you know this is not a new invitation. We often provide food and spirits after performances to encourage you to stay. But I believe Wallace Shawn has written a play that is going to make conversations after seeing this production feel dangerous, and I want to encourage you now to throw caution to the wind and be one of the people who stays to have them.

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