What the Whistlers are doing on our summer vacation…

We’ve had a pretty complete radio silence on the blog for the past few months – not because we haven’t been working on anything for the company, but rather because so much has been going on that it’s been tough finding time to write about it all.

First of all – our new season! I’ll post a whole separate blog (or series of blogs) about the productions we’ve chosen for our seventh season – for now, I’ll just say what I usually say this time of year:

I feel like every season I start the year by saying, “this is the most exciting season that Whistler has ever had” – but every year I mean it. And this year, even more than most!

Okay. Other things that are keeping us busy…

Well, there is the other work that goes along with planning a season – getting the website updated (and completely re-done – be on the lookout for a whole new look soon!), gathering marketing materials for next season, as well as casting and staffing all of the upcoming projects. While a lot of our past collaborators are returning to work with us again this season, we have a whole host of new artists for our audiences to meet – and we couldn’t be more excited about them.

We had open call auditions for our season a few weeks ago and are now in the heart of scheduling and holding callbacks. Meeting all these new artists in an exhilarating way to start off the season!

And then, outside of our season planning, we’re spending the summer working on various projects. From Western Mass to the Boston Playwrights Theatre to the Vineyard, our Artistic Associates have been hard at work on a variety of projects. Next week, several of us rejoin our friends over at Mill 6 for the third annual T Plays.

Taking our cue from 2amtheatre, we started hosting this bi-monthly event in June. The premise is simple – participants are invited to tell a story, any story, with the sole caveat that it needs to fit into 6 minutes (360 seconds). Simple, right?

Our first event was really wonderful – a gentle summer evening, with about 20 people in attendance, all of whom ended up telling stories. We heard about losing everything on a beach in Costa Rica, falling in love in London, growing up in Everett, a Mostly Bitchy Story about the MBTA – and a whole bunch more. And it was a nice quiet feeling, but at the end I felt just a stronger sense of community in that room.

Aimee Rose Ranger is serving as host/Emcee for the event, and she has a great of experience with coordinating evenings of stories: every month at her home in JP, Aimee Rose hosts an evening call SOOP (Stories Of Our People), at which a communal meal is cooked while performances ranging from short stories to puppet shows to performances by local musicians. 360 Storytelling is an opportunity to expand that same communal event into an un-curated evening.

Our next 360 Storytelling is coming up in just a few weeks – on Sunday August 14th, to be precise. Will we see you there?

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