Interview with Aimee Rose Ranger

Over on the ArtsEmerson blog, Emerson senior Dan Robert interviews Aimee Rose Ranger (Emerson alum) about her work with Whistler, and what it’s like to be working in Boston.

AimeeRoseRangerDR: Post-Emerson you began working in the Boston fringe theatre. How would you describe that scene?

ARR: It mirrors Boston itself – it feels really small and then all of the sudden it feels really big. There are a lot of theatre companies doing different kinds of work, but then aside from the Fringe community that’s connected to StageSource there’s this whole other world of devised work and that’s weirdly separate from the ‘plays’ theater scene. I’m an artist interested in seeing where those intersect. … It’s crazy to me that there’s the slam poetry world, the music world, and the theatre world that’s plays, and then the theatre world that’s experimental—Burlesque, gender exploration, devised—and it’s all rather divided.

Read the full blog here.

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