Ovid and Astrology

Emerson senior Dan Robert has been working with us as a Creative Producer in Training, and has been watching a lot of our rehearsals. Triggered by the elemental nature of the myths, he became interested in the astrological connections…

Renee_20I immediately noticed the text to be deeply imagistic, bursting from start to finish with sharp language describing the fundamental qualities of Air, Earth, Fire and Water. Constellations form in mid-air; actors dangle from icy-blue silks in the playing space. … An astro-hobbyist myself, I immediately saw an opportunity to call upon the help of a dear mentor and friend of mine, the fabulous Lisa Rowe-Beddoe: a local actress, educator and fellow mythology/astrology enthusiast. Asking for their birth dates, times and locations, Lisa and I took a look at how the company’s astrological compositions might inform and parallel their work on Ovid.

Read the full article here.

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